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Doll Drawings - Batch #1 by GoldenArpeggio Doll Drawings - Batch #1 :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 3 1 'Vici' - Doll Tamer by GoldenArpeggio 'Vici' - Doll Tamer :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 15 4 'Humi' - Doll Extinguisher by GoldenArpeggio 'Humi' - Doll Extinguisher :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 9 5 'Sumi' - Doll Multiplier by GoldenArpeggio 'Sumi' - Doll Multiplier :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 9 6 'Mixi' - Doll Crosser by GoldenArpeggio 'Mixi' - Doll Crosser :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 7 6 'Vodi' - Doll Nullifier by GoldenArpeggio 'Vodi' - Doll Nullifier :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 10 22 Aigara and The Doll Armada ~2016 Version~ by GoldenArpeggio Aigara and The Doll Armada ~2016 Version~ :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 5 3 'Topi' - Doll Hyper by GoldenArpeggio 'Topi' - Doll Hyper :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 7 7 Merry Christmas dears! by GoldenArpeggio Merry Christmas dears! :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 4 3 'Pebi' - Doll Boulder by GoldenArpeggio 'Pebi' - Doll Boulder :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 7 0 'Mini' - Doll Shrinker by GoldenArpeggio 'Mini' - Doll Shrinker :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 9 0 'Medi' - Doll Healer by GoldenArpeggio 'Medi' - Doll Healer :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 11 2 'Tami' - Doll Keeper by GoldenArpeggio 'Tami' - Doll Keeper :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 10 0 'Tuli' - Doll Gardener by GoldenArpeggio 'Tuli' - Doll Gardener :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 9 6 Maren ~Second Coming of the Madness Messiah~ by GoldenArpeggio Maren ~Second Coming of the Madness Messiah~ :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 19 7 Happy Hallowe'en! by GoldenArpeggio Happy Hallowe'en! :icongoldenarpeggio:GoldenArpeggio 3 0


why.png by DonutDreaming why.png :icondonutdreaming:DonutDreaming 6 0 Giratina Chan by RakkuGuy Giratina Chan :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 1,938 335 Majoras Mask Deku Princess by LightningSilver-Mana Majoras Mask Deku Princess :iconlightningsilver-mana:LightningSilver-Mana 287 16 Lady of the Oceanic World by Rona67 Lady of the Oceanic World :iconrona67:Rona67 115 16 Eruei! by Lol-Pretzel Eruei! :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 49 4 Bionicle MOC: Vegas the Grizzled Veteran by Mana-Ramp-Matoran Bionicle MOC: Vegas the Grizzled Veteran :iconmana-ramp-matoran:Mana-Ramp-Matoran 68 36 The Toa - G2 by Just-a-drawing-Cat The Toa - G2 :iconjust-a-drawing-cat:Just-a-drawing-Cat 288 28 Bohrok Design dump (swarm part 2) by Just-a-drawing-Cat Bohrok Design dump (swarm part 2) :iconjust-a-drawing-cat:Just-a-drawing-Cat 152 9 Undyne Redesign by YAMsgarden Undyne Redesign :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 4,540 241 OLD ATLAS by DawnofNSSD OLD ATLAS :icondawnofnssd:DawnofNSSD 8 1 conceptual Ules by DawnofNSSD conceptual Ules :icondawnofnssd:DawnofNSSD 13 2 Yang Xiao Long by sakimichan Yang Xiao Long :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,611 484 Bionicle MOC: Valtias, The Blizzard Tyrant by Mana-Ramp-Matoran Bionicle MOC: Valtias, The Blizzard Tyrant :iconmana-ramp-matoran:Mana-Ramp-Matoran 145 31 Requia, Vintage Glamour by Sir-Iggs Requia, Vintage Glamour :iconsir-iggs:Sir-Iggs 54 13 Blossom Princess by Rona67 Blossom Princess :iconrona67:Rona67 125 32 I drew a fart-face by CoconutFanatic I drew a fart-face :iconcoconutfanatic:CoconutFanatic 7 3



Doll Drawings - Batch #1
Excuse my lack of activity this past month, dears. I mean, it's not like I'm the most active guy here anyways, but I have been trying to have a regular schedule of posting every two weeks or at least answering comments and I couldn't cope with it recently. Aside exams and final assignments, a sudden and tragic death struck my family and we have been having a hard time trying to overcome it and solving the problems left because of that, as the deceased, my beloved uncle, was a strong pillar to my paternal family. But, well, we can't get stuck on the past forever, right? We have to move forward and return to our lifes. Remember the smile of the lost ones and enjoy the life while we can!

Well, that probably should be on a journal but it's not like I want to make a post out of my personal issues. Just wanted to notify the reasons of my absence, and would have been unfair to give details in Flickr that I avoid here. Followers here are as important as there <3 So, while here I'm celebrating my 250 subscribers with a special MOC, here I'll give you a special treatment too: a drawing! I have meaning to draw the Dollies for a long time, but didn't have the time until a few weeks ago.

Here you have eight of them, with four new ones that I'll be posting next! =P My idea was just to draw Saucer to show how I envision her, as the LEGO model is too small to show it properly, but I loved the result so I tried to draw some more. And I'm REAAAAAAAAAALLY happy of how they turned out, honestly. Maybe not that much with Soarer because the head seems a bit more forward than I wanted, but I definitely love how the rest look. Specially Hyper, Locker and Rewinder. <3 Aaaah, I wish I had decent paint abilities to have them in color!!

Probably I'll draw more of them in the future. This time I focused on small ones, so I may try to draw the big ones next. Or some Fusions, dunno.

Hope you like them as much as I do, dears! <3
'Vici' - Doll Tamer
Another Dollie to the count! This one is a bit special, as she's one of the few Dollies that could be refered as "evil".

Eruei's purpose with this Doll was to program a governess that would teach morals and proper manners to her daughter. However, as he was living near quite bad companies, he got influenced and the Doll ended being too strict in her behaviour. In the ended not even her master was a "good boy" and he tried to punish him several times, something which lead him to leave the Doll behind.
Years later the Doll would spend her time trying to "educate" any individual she would met, mostly mobs, hoolingans and slums inhabitants. However, after learning from the media that the son of the president of that country was involved in a few scandals, she decided to go for a bigger chance and became his governess. The Doll brainwashed the guy not only to behave properly, but to take control and start a dictatorial regime that would allow Tamer to control and reeducate the whole country.
Aigara learnt about the issue and, thinking the tyrant was using the Doll, went to retrieve her. What was her surprise when she discovered it was the opposite, and Tamer striked back accusing the girl of being a "bad girl" for opposing the authority. Mari, Remi and even Seri were captured by the army and Tamer, but they managed to let Aigara escape. In her flight, she would found Medi, which gave her the chance to infiltrate in the government building. The dictator expected her return, though, and captured the girl with the intention of executing her and avoid more insurrections. Despise she hadn't stopped past executions, Vici couldn't allow in her programming to have Aigara die, and charged against the tyrant to stop him. This gave Aigara a chance to recover Summoner, and called Doll Ruler to use her power to contrarrest Tamer's. The confusion of the workers and guards of the palace due to the mix of powers allow Aigara to search her sisters with no more obstacle than Vici, succeding in her quest. Mari would confront Tamer for enough time to get Hacker to freeze the rebel Doll, and Aigara turned her off.
Currently Tamer is sealed in the same laboratory she was crafted. Though the defenses are not that strong, no one has been stupid enough to try and reactivate her.

Vici's frame belongs to :iconvelken69:. I saw his girl design a long time ago and I loved the smoothness and shaping of it (though, now in person, it is way more protuberant than expected), wanting to test it myself in the future. The Doll series gave me the chance. The combo of the Nuva chest and the white clip connector as a handkerchief gave me the idea of a circus tamer, so I went with that concept until the idea of having her as a crazy governess popped in my head. I kept the name, but changed her background. As a fun fact, the upper arm design was initially designed as a suggestion for Alieerah's Maque.
Oh, and the whip is not made of LEGO. The cable comes from an old pair of headphones. =P

Hope you like her, dears! ^^
'Humi' - Doll Extinguisher
Buh, again with the delayed posts! Professors don't seem to realize we would like to have some free time too...

A less ambitious version of Hadi, instead of creating water out of nothing this Doll is able to absorb the humidity around it, working in a similar way of a Toa of Water. Main difference would be that Humi's absorbing and storing ability is stronger, but always active, and the more water Humi stores the more slow it works. This was a terrible bother for the Doll as, after Eruei's disappearance, it ended in a rainforest that took weeks to leave behind. "Fortunately", after getting out of the forest, Humi ended in a volcanic area, which dry climate allowed Extinguisher to recover its normal rate of movement after dumping some water out of its body... Moment at which the Doll was seen by a local creature, who interested on its ability, kidnapped the Doll.
Turned out that the creature was a member of an underground colony leaving in the volcano, thanks to the heat and the fertile ground. However, they were lacking in water, and Humi's ability could help them a lot. So they asked her, but since the Doll have no reason to do so, it didn't... Until a few months later a charity organization passed by in order to help: one of the participants was an Aigara's acquiantance, and knowing about the Dollies, managed to contact the girl to tell her about Extinguisher. Via videoconference, Humi recognized Aigara and acknowledge her words, working since then for the colony.

So, Humi'was inspired by Gigi. I thought a firefighter themed Doll could be a nice addition, but as you can see, it turned quite different from CoFo's creation: Humi is a small MOC with a more innocent appeal, based both on the "sexy firefighter" and "raincoat girl" concepts. I came up quickly with her design during the summer, and it was quite a straight-forward build... Though I shall admit she looked better on the drawing than in the MOC. The hair is supposed to be water-like, and the ribbon spins to absorb water. The fingers were supposed to be a different part, but it didn't work well so I put some taps there, I think it works nicely as syphons. What actually bothers me is that Humi is the first (and unfortunately not the last) Doll that repeats color, sharing it with Remi. When you are aiming to build an army of MOCs you have to assume you'll repeat colors, but I wanted to use a few more of them before I started to repeat myself. Oh well.

Hope you like her, dears! <3

'Sumi' - Doll Multiplier
And here it goes, the last of the Zollies born from the Veil of Fright!

In the middle of the confusion for the sudden appearance of Vodi and Mixi, a third Doll popped out of nothing. When Crosser blocked the attack of the possessed Remi, Sumi came from the back of the monster and jumped over it, distracting it long enough to allow Mixi fuse Sitter with Basher and letting Malda and Nelde free. The new Doll landed over the fusion and, with its contact, purified copies of it started to appear, as Sumi could not multply the essence of the Veil. The copies of the fusion, knowing that they had to protect Aigara at any cost, charged against the infected version with no fear of the damages the original would suffer. Ultimately, they subdued it against the ground.
It was then when Aigara came out of shock and confusion of the situation as she felt the cold hand of Vodi over hers. Nullifier wanted her to do something, and since she wasn't fully aware of what was happening, she let the Doll guide her. A mistake it seemed, as Vodi dragged her towards the infected fusion... And offered her hand to the monster, from which a mouth came out from nowhere and teared off the hand of the girl. Screams came out from Aigara, though for her surprise there wasn't only in her voice. When suddenly she noticed something coming out her bloody limb, which Vodi kept struggling to keep near the fusion despise Aigara's opposition, the girl lost her consciousness from a hit on her nape, with the twins grabbing her before she reached the ground.
When Aigara woke up, the first thing she noticed was that she had both of her hands intact. The second was Mari and Remi were back to normal, as they inmediately hugged her when she regained consciousness. The third, was that Malda and Nelde were there, as well as Seri, holded by them; but no trace of the Veil of the new Dolls. Everything just looked as she had a bad dream... Until Malda put in her hand three black summoning ribbons for using in Summoner.
Aigara spent the next hours lost in her mind. The Veil was gone for good, she gained three new cousins (and very powerful ones), and everyone was safe. But... Why she felt like something was really, really wrong? Specially with her?

Sumi was the last of the Zollies I built, though I had the idea of a multiplying doll probably even before than of a fusing one. However, deciding on a design for her wasn't an easy task, specially considering a Doll in a process of being fused isn't quite different from a Doll in the process of being divided or cloned - so, of a long list of designs, I wasn't sure which was more fiting of Sumi or Mixi. Even when I decided which them I was going to use, it took me a bit more to start her build. I was lazy about her, I don't know. Ultimately I forced myself to have it finished, and it came up surprisingly quick, despise I was improvising in her whole build. It's my least favourite of the Zollies so far, but I'm quite happy with her anyways. ^^

So, I'll resume with the usual Dollies from now on! Hope you like this one, dears! ^^
'Mixi' - Doll Crosser
The second Doll resurrected after the death of Veil of Fright!

Enraged and frustrated, the Veil of Fright was growing tired of being unable to locate Aigara, the focus of its hunting for "unity" for years. Maren, also tired of the incompetence of the monster, asked Inquene to lead her pupils near the monster, and then told the creature to follow them in order to eventually find the Princess of Happiness. So the monster did, and the twins would eventually meet the girl again in a populated city market. The Veil, excited for finally fiding her, didn't bother with subtleness of any kind and attacked. Despise its advantage of not caring about anything else (not as Aigara, which didn't want any of the citizens to get involved), the Veil met its end several hours later. The threat for the girls, however, would last a bit longer when the essence of the creature possessed the Marendar Units in order to slay Aigara.
With the sudden appearance of Vodi, the situation seemed to change in favour of Aigara and the twins, unable to protect themselves until then. But the possessed Remi wouldn't allow that to happen and attacked the newcomer... Just to have its tentacles trapped by the arms of another new Doll which had just came from the ground. Surprise as the monstrous Remi was, the surprise grow even bigger when the new Doll touched Mari without letting Remi go... And merge the two entities together. For what purpose!?

Mixi was a concept I have been thinking for a while. I came up with some concepts for Dollies that didn't have anywhere to go as they were quite similar to already built Dolls or they didn't have any function or purpose, and then I thought of making fusions of already existant Dolls in order to use those concepts.  This lead to designing a new Doll for fusing others, and of course its design had to be related to it. I came up with several designs, and I ultimately went for the idea of having two dolls crossed in between. Originally they were to be different Dolls to accentuate the merge, but I ended discarting it (more subconsciously than anything, to be honest) in favour of a 4-axis symmetry. It's not quite poseable (I'm thinking of giving her poseable legs, but I like how it looks now so I may not give it a try) and you can't do too much with the toy, but I really like how it came out =D
Oh, before I forget, the first picture in the lower row it's just to show that the build is modular, so can be arranged in different ways, but it's completely non-canon. =P

Hope you like her, dears! ^^

P.S: Here you have a list of the Doll Fusions I came up with so far, in case you're interested.
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Pretty late fact&question sheet tagged by :iconahpolki0513:! Sorry for the delay, dear! Dx


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make 10 questions for the 10 people you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-back.
7. You can't say you don't do tags.
8. You must make a journal entry.


1. Eeeeeh... Hmmm... Where to start... Oh, I'm currently in vacation, though I'm not being as active as I could be because I have a few members of my family ill and some friends returning from studying abroad, so I've been going out too much for my liking.
Recently I have finished watching almost all the series I was trying to catch up with. Surprisingly I haven't started new more, aside Thunderbolt Fantasy which I shall recommend to any stopmotion fan. <3
Despise it has passed almost a month since my birthday, I'm still waiting for a few presents. I prefer to wait for them more than receive things I wouldn't like or use, since I find it a waste if it ends on the back of my closet =P So far my favourite presents are an unopened Velika set and LEGO Elves Queen Dragon Rescue, they're both awesome.
4. I FINALLY GOT A MAWILE PLUSHIE. It's so cute. <3 I'm even trying to get her a few clothes.
5. I still haven't completed the 2016 BIONICLE Wave 1. I'm missing Gali and Tahu, I'm not in a hurry since the Beast will probably arrive in Autumn...
I'm not quite in the mood for videogames but I wanted to relax the nights playing one... I'm currently playing a surreal RPG called Gingiva, I love it, it's so weeeeiiiiiird.
I... I don't have too much to say here, honestly.
OH! Right! I'm learning to cook! Also I want to improve my sewing skills, I haven't sewn anything in years. And I wasn't precisely good at it...
Did I mention I gave my sister a bunny last year? He prefers me over her, hehe. But it releases a lot of white hair over my black clothes... Dx
I'm seeing too much Overwatch these weeks. Like Undertale in 2015's last months, it's starting to be a bit annoying, honestly ^^"


1. Out of all your (M)OCs, who would you consider to be the most powerful?

Hmmmmmmm... Good question. I would go with Ehara, though Maren is pretty close.

2. Any particular musician or band you like to listen to?

Nana Mizuki has been always one of my favourite singers, but recently I have been listening a lot to Mayumi Gojo.

3. Has there ever been an artist, writer, or MOCist that inspired your works?

Haha, hundreds of them! Like every MOCer, a lot of my creations were inspired by some characters from videogames or books, descriptions from books, or designs from different MOCers. If you are asking for a more general inspiration, well, at my beginnings I tried to emulate :icondawnofnssd:, as I really love his characters. But unfortunately I'm not good at his style, so I'm staying as just as fan. =P Now I would say that Anton Sundström is one of the MOCers I admire the most, and he can be quite inspirational.

4. Tumblr: Love it or hate it?

Love it. I don't have an account, but I often spend a lot of time checking the sites from some friends. Including people like :iconcoconutfanatic: or :iconmana-ramp-matoran: (hehe, I'm such a stalker ;P)

5. Who was the first (M)OC that you ever created?

A very, VERY old crab using parts from random sets including the first Howarts Express. I think I still have a picture around.
Also a cross between a Tahnok Va & Kopaka which I really liked when I was a kid, but I can't remember too much about it. Dx

6. Anyone got their hands on Doom yet?

Never interested me so...

7. Pingas or Pootis?

I would go with Pootis since it's the nickname on Steam of one of my best friends. =P

8. Are y'all considering the possibility of G2 versions of your (M)OCs?

G2 Eruei has been incompleted in a LEGO Box for a year now.

9. Ever done any writing before (be it original work or fanfics)?

Hundreds. In fact I should being writing Kimokakkoi! Pretty Cure right now...

10. Does this count as a question?

But of course!

About the tags... Pretty much everyone I know (with the exception of Dave) has been already tagged and I haven't seen anyone doing the tags sooo... Yeah. ^^"


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L.A. Miranda
That strange guy with looks from the s.XIX who loves BIONICLE, Yuki Nagato and Pretty Cure; and always refers to everyone as 'my dear'.

Here you will find:

- Kimokakkoi!! Pretty Cure.
- Random photos.
- BIONICLE creations.
- Maybe some tutorials (clothes, drawings, MOCing).
- Other things.

Creator of the Etherian race (BIONICLE) and the Kimokakkoi!! Pretty Cure Saga.


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Hey, I have another suggestion for ideas for you.

You should check out Nier Automata. It's a mega action packed game with some very good Doll-like robots in it. Heck, Nier Automata reminds me a lot of Machine Doll with its similar robots. I think you'll like it a lot.

And it could give you a lot of ideas for more dolls in your series too.

Like take a look at the main protagonists, the elegant 2B and her colleage 9S.

2B by GUWEIZ   NieR:Automata - 9S by Pinlin

Or their one rival, A2

Automata by OTsunaO

And possibly this one boss robot in it Simone

Nier: Automata - Simone/Beauvoir (Opera Boss) by DankoDeadZone

Think you could get some ideas from them?
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Haha, just kidding, it happens a lot. Not only it falls in an exam period, but my sister was born in a day 16, so a lot of family members got the dates mixed =P Thanks for all those cakes, dear Dave! =P
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Oh I know how that goes. My cousin's birthday is the day after mine. One time they had his birthday party on my birthday and even though I was included and it was like "Dave and Kenny's birthday" everyone was there for him and just felt like a last minute add on. So that was a pretty shitty birthday. But yeah my family members will call a day late or call a day early and go "which one is which." :XD:
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